Conor Higgins B.Sc., Ph.D.(c)

UX Engineer / Full Stack Software Engineer / Academic

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I am a full-stack software engineer, interdisciplinary researcher and published computer science author with a wealth of experience in a variety of domains. I have a keen interest in system accessibility and human computer interaction (particularly user experience and interaction design) and am currently completing my Ph.D. dissertation at the University of Limerick, where my research is focused on the creation and evaluation of technologies for cognitively impaired users, specifically those with aphasia. I have created and contributed to applications for a number of industries and target users, including elite athlete monitoring systems, cognitive and physical impairment rehabilitative tools, social networking utilities and proprietary customer relationship management (CRM) applications. I have been part of agile software development teams on a number of projects, while all applications I am responsible for follow a strict source control and deployment protocol as well as adopting a user-centered design process.

Apart from my work, I have a number of hobbies and interests. I can usually be found spending quality time with my family, playing my guitar, and exercising (when I can). I am a big fan of sports in general, particularly boxing, football/soccer, GAA and rugby and will happily watch/attend anything I can. I am also an animal lover and am often seen being dragged from place to place by my dogs.


SANTA - Self-Administered Naming Therapy for Aphasia • Department of Clinical Therapies, UL • 2014-Present

A cross-platform web application targeted at rehabilitating individuals with aphasia.

SANTA - Self-Administered Naming Therapy for Aphasia • Department of Clinical Therapies, UL • 2014-Present

SANTA is a cross-platform web application for users with aphasia. The application uses text-to-speech in order to teach aphasic users to speak and enunciate words. I am responsible for all aspects of the system's design, development and user acceptance testing.

Triana Care • 2014-Present

A powerful iOS application and web-application designed for the U.S hospice industry.

Triana Care • 2014-Present

Triana Care has led to the creation of software systems for the US hospice industry to improve the level of patient care. I have been solely responsible for the system's user experience and evaluation. I have also contributed to much of the system's front-end and back-end architecture.

iTRAC GlobaliTRAC Global / ITGS Labs • 2012-Present

Global customs and excise web application featuring a complex user eco-system, unique granular permission and organic object sharing.

iTRAC GlobaliTRAC Global / ITGS Labs • 2012-Present

iTRAC Global is a global customs and excise software package. As the project’s first and longest-serving developer, I have been responsible for defining much of the system architecture and implementing designs concepts.

22 Touch • 2012-2014

Referral marketing web application, the intention of which is to generate work referrals.

22 Touch • 2012-2014

22 Touch is a referral marketing web application. I was involved in both the redesign and implementation of the system, developing a series of new features and designing a genetic algorithm on which the application is heavily dependent.

Elite EdgeTricycle Interactive Ltd. • 2010-Present

A cross-platform sports science web application, designed for daily monitoring and analysis of elite athletes.

Elite EdgeTricycle Interactive Ltd. • 2010-Present

Elite Edge is a cross-platform sports science application. To date the application has been extensively used by the British and Irish Lions, the National Athlete Development Academy and Munster Rugby. I am responsible for the system's requirements gathering, back-end design and front-end development.

Tricycle Interactive Ltd. • 2010-2011

During this time I led numerous projects for clients including MotorCheck, Opoko and the Welsh Rugby Union

Tricycle Interactive Ltd. • 2010-2011

I rebuilt and extended the WRU sports science system, creating a suite of new features, implementing a user-centered design approach in the process. Additionally, I led a number of projects for clients including iOS applications for MotorCheck and Opoko.


Undergraduate: University of Limerick • 2006-2010

I graduated in 2010 with a first class honours, earning a B.Sc. in Music, Media and Performance Technology

Ph.D.: University of Limerick • 2010-Present

I have developed a number of applications and utilities targeted at the rehabilitation of individuals with aphasia and concomitant cognitive deficits. My research has examined the efficacy of mobile applications in self-guided speech and language therapy.


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